Ladybird Little Traveller

5 Feb

The Ladybird Little Traveller Travel System has a saving of £99! it is available in Green, which is good as it works for boys or girls


This travel system is definitely value for money when you look at what you get for that £100.  The pushchair is suitable to use from birth till (approx) 3 years, it has many features, such as removable hood, bumper bar and adjustable leg rest, to ensure it grows and adapts to the child’s needs. There is also a car seat included in the package which clips on securely and easily, this can be used until the baby is (approx) 12 months. And then there’s the accessories; a matching foot muff, changing bag and rain cover are all included, so not only is it a bargain, its coordinated and built to go the distance with your baby.

Price £100   Previously £199

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Digital Movement Monitor

4 Feb

There are somethings in life you can’t put a price on; a good night’s sleep and peace of mind. However, when you become a parent, these two things disappear instantly. That’s why Tommee Tippee’s Digital Sound and Movement Sensor is worth any price tag, especially one with a discount!

This digital monitor offers something that the others don’t; it has a sensor pad which lies under the baby and can detect their heartbeat and therefore will sound an alarm on the parent’s device if it is undetected. It also includes other regular monitor features, like room temperature display, two way talk system and portable devices.

Price: £58.97 Previously: £99.99

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Mothercare’s Snuggly Sleep suits!

3 Feb

Any parent will tell you that you can’t have enough of these suits. And they are right, you can’t. What with the baby poo, the sick and the slobber, a spare sleep suit is always needed. That’s why Mothercare’s “buy one get one half price” deal is greatly received by all new parents.

There is a great choice too; long sleeved, short sleeved, vests, body suits and sleep suits. They have styles tailored for boys and girls and some unisex designs including the classic white “onesie”. Even though baby clothes cost less than a grown ups, the price soon mounts up as you have to buy so much for them . That’s why you have to make the most of these deals when you see them!

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Raspberry Pink Pram and Pushchair

2 Feb


If you’re expecting a baby girl, then this cutesy coloured pushchair is an absolute winner at half price. The interior design is adorable and the raspberry pink coloured seat unit very much on trend.

Mothercare’s My Choice pram and pushchair is not only stylish, with its chrome chassis and sleek design, but also versatile. It can be easily transformed to a travel system if you buy the maxi-cosi car seat separately and is suitable from birth as it has many reclining positions and the option of baby being parent facing or forward facing. Includes: cosytoe, pram apron, quilted pramliner, ultra soft padded headhugger and chest pads, and Mothercare Weathershield.

Price: £190 Previously £380

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Snap Up this Steriliser!

1 Feb

A steriliser for £24 makes me thing “Can I manage without it?” A steriliser for £10 and I think “I don’t have to!” The Avent II Microwave Steriliser is a deal definitely worth snapping up.

This is big enough to use in the home on a daily basis; it can fit in 6 Avent bottles or 2 Avent breast pumps. However, it is also light, compact and small enough to be able to take out and about with you.

It is ultra easy to use, just add 200ml of water and depending on your microwave it’ll be done in 2-6 minutes. It even comes with a set of tongs and if unopened the bottles stay sterilized for up to 24 hours.

Price: £10.00 Previously: £24.00

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Mamas and Papas Pushchair

31 Jan

Mamas and Papas Swirl Pushchair in Pink!

There was a time when Mamas & Papas was just a boutique and only the rich and wealthy would pass through their doors, whilst the rest of us watched through their window and could only dream…

Well that’s all changed and Mamas and Papas is now a reputable brand who also provides affordable products for the masses. And this one has got 1/3 off the retail price!

So what does the Swirl pushchair offer? It comes with a detachable hood, rain cover and shopping basket. It’s suitable from birth to (approx) 3 years, there’s a 5 point harness, an easy umbrella fold and a multi-recliner. Not to mention the M&P name, which means you will be getting nothing short of quality.

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Price £59.99 Previously £89.99

A Car Seat For All Babies and All Cars!

30 Jan

There are a few common parent gripes about baby car seats; Why do they not fit all cars? Why isn’t there one that grows with the child? How do I know if the harness is tight enough? And so on… However parents, it appears Britax has been listening and with a saving of £60 the Britax First Class Plus car seat has all of these covered.

The Britax First Class Plus car seat can be used from birth up until (approx) 4 years of age; it has forward and rear facing positions depending on your baby’s weight and needs. There is a choice of 5 reclining positions and a unique fastener which tells when the harness is tightened correctly.

Price: £99.99     Previously: £159.99

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Kiddicare Compact Cot – Little Cot, Little Price!

29 Jan

Another affordable, attractive item from Kiddicare’s range. This is a simple, compact cot that provides a safe and secure bed for your baby. The dimensions are H: 90 x W:59.5 x L:95.5 cm, which makes it the perfect cot for families short on space. With a 69% price reduction it is perfect for those with a small budget too!

The classic cot design comes in pine wood and has an adjustable base, offering two height positions for the mattress. Additionally, the slatted sides means that parents can see their babies from wherever the cot is placed. This would be the perfect purchase for a second cot, for a close relative’s house or a holiday home.

Price £39.90 Previously £129.99

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Kiddicouture Citi Pushchair

28 Jan

Kiddicare have another of their original products at a competitive price; this time with a saving of over 50%. Their kiddicouture pushchair is a lightwieght stroller that like their other items is affordable, bright and uniquely designed.

This funky pushchair suitable from birth and has 4 reclining positions, a five point harness and adjustable leg support. There is a decent sized shopping basket and it folds away compactly in an umbrella fold. The pushchair was also a finalist in the ‘Practical Parenting andPregnancy Awards’ and from experience any product that has been considered for an award of this standard has had to withstand some tough inspections.

The navy and pink stripes will certainlky make this stroller stand out from the others, and with a matching footmuff and changing bag included you’ll only have to worry about coordinating your own ourfit!

Price: £79.99 Previously: £200.00

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Funky Highchair from Kiddicare

27 Jan

Kiddicare provides affordable baby products that fit well into your home. This highchair is no different; with its attractive, cheerful pattern and space-saving, compact fold it’ll be a welcome addition to any baby’s meal time.

If you’re going to buy a plastic high chair, rather than a wooden one, there are two things you need to ensure; the first is that it folds away easily and safely, the second is everything can be wiped down. This highchair does both, there are no nooks and crannies for food to get stuck in, no unnecessary toy baskets or slip mats creating extra places to clean and it folds away so it can be stored in a cupboard or utility room. Just a straightforward design with an easy to wipe table – simple… If only the rest of meal times were so easy!

Price: £29.90 Previously £60.00

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Chicco Baby Walker.

26 Jan

Chicco’s Baby Steps Activity Walker has a 50% saving.

This walker is bright, colourful, sturdy and fun! The play station is full of lights, sounds and shape sorting activities that babies will love as they start to explore the world around them The Chicco design ensures the wheels create enough friction so that the baby is in control of the movement, and it has breaks too, so you can have some control if your baby isn’t quite ready to take the reigns.

Even if your little one isn’t ready to start practicing toddling, it is worth investing in a walker with a play station attached as the you’ll get your money’s worth as they make the most of the games whilst they are still sitting.

Price: £15.99 Previously: 29.99

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The Quinny Roller Stroller.

25 Jan

Introducing the Quinny Buzz Stroller in Roller Pink! When you buy a Quinny you not only buy the pushchair, you buy the brand, the name, the style and the standard. Quinny has this reputation because it does nothing short of delivering the Rolls Royce of pushchairs.

Now the only draw back with this one is the colour might not suit a boy, but if you are shopping for a stroller with a little girl in mind this is a deal not to be missed. The Quinny Buzz is lightweight, stylish and really easy to manoeuvre. It has all the fancy stuff like an extending pushbar, back and front footrests and adaptors to transform it into a travel system. It’s snazzy to look at and seamless to move – what little girl wouldn’t want it as their chariot?

Price: 259.99 Previously :£400.00

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Mothercare – 50% SALE!

24 Jan

Mothercare are having a 50% sale! For any parent a baby department store sale is not to be sniffed at… These opportunities do not come along often and rarely with half price offers. Mothercare have included their own Whitehaven nursery furniture and the Mothercare Extreme pushchair (pictured), but you can also find 50% discounts on some fantastic baby products by Tommee Tippee, Avent and Graco.

Sales are the perfect place for expectant and new mums to buy the “big stuff”, and at this half price Mothercare sale you’ll find savings of up to £600 and as an added incentive there is free delivery on orders over £50 too.

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Mamas and Papas Bargain Bouncer!

23 Jan

Mamas & Papas Jelly Stripe Bouncing Baby Cradle

It’s amazing what a bouncer can do these days. No longer do they just bounce, now they can rock, jiggle, sway or vibrate. No longer do they only have a toy arch, now they have relaxing nature sounds, lullabies, even recordings of mummy’s voice. But all these wonderful features come with a wonderful price tag.

However, if all you want your bouncer to do is bounce and dangle toys, at just over £25, this Mamas and Papas colourful cradle is an absolute steal. And they even throw in a choice of 10 lullabies too! Not only is it nice to look at, it has all the regular safety features to ensure you can place your baby somewhere secure whilst you become hands free. It’s suitable from birth and the colours would work for a beautiful boy or a gorgeous girl.

Price: £25.99 Previously: 34.99

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Loola Up Stroller – Save Over £100!

22 Jan

Maxi-Cosi Loola Up Stroller (Tango Red)

Everybody has different requirements when buying a pushchair or a stroller. From wheel size to shopping basket size, or extending handlebars to co-ordinating cup holders and matching changing bags. You are unlikely to find a pushchair which covers everything, but you will find one which matches your personal needs.

So what does the Maxi- Cosi Loola Up Stroller offer? Technically there is: 4 seat reclining positions, forward and rear fac ing options, a good-sized shopping basket, anextremely compact fold (perfect for small boots and living spaces) and an adaptor to kit to add a car seat orcarry cot. And, for those who are more concerned about the stroller’s look there is a co-ordinating hood, zip on rain cover and matching bumper bar.

This stroller isn’t suitable for off-road hiking or beach walks, but for urban babies and their parents it’ll definitely meet their needs in city life!

Price: £190.34 Previously &307.50

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